A flash fiction with coffee pairings

Not the best spot but it’ll do

Chelsea placed the number card onto the table. Lined against the full glass panel facing the streets, the spot she had chosen comprised a small, dark-brown, melamine wood table, and a pair of mismatched white, plastic chairs.

Surveying the crowded café once more…

A trekking trip in Indonesia that broadened my perspectives on livelihood

An incredible vista greets visitors upon reaching the starting point for hikes at Tangkuban Parahu

Quite some years back, I had the privilege of visiting the city of Bandung in Indonesia. Despite its position as the 4th most populous city of the 4th most populous country in the world, Bandung was relatively laid-back and charming.

Consistently cool temperatures, wonderfully clean air, and extremely friendly locals…

An exploration of how 3D-printing can impact the future of aviation end-users and supply chains

Some 2 years ago, General Electric (GE) celebrated the completion of their 30 thousandth 3D-printed jet fuel nozzle. Back then, 3D-print and additive manufacturing (AM) technology were all the buzz. Today, the hot new kids on the block…chain, ba-dum-tss, have more than displace the once darling of the tech-media press.

An introduction to what I’ve learnt from academic and practical experiencing in startup failure

Mandatory self-absorbed background

It seems these days that any sane — or insane depending on who you ask — individual may lay indirect claim to being a pundit of something. The poor soul who has experienced one too many breakups becomes a champion of ‘self-love’. The hipster who has had…

Hugh R. McArthur

I write sporadically on topics and ideas that come to mind. Piece to piece incongruence should be expected. Please, enjoy.

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